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  • Three out of five home fire deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke alarms

  • More than one-third (38 percent) of home fire deaths result from fires in which no smoke alarms are present.

  • The risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke alarms.

  • Choose interconnected smoke alarms, so when one sounds, they all sound.

  • Put smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area. Put alarms on every level of the home.

  • Make sure your smoke alarms work. Your family is not safe if they can’t hear the smoke alarms.

  • Test smoke alarms every month and replace 9-volt smoke alarm batteries at least once every year.

  • Smoke alarms do not last forever. Get new smoke alarms every 10 years.

  • When you hear a smoke alarm, you may have less than 2 minutes to get everyone outside and safe.

The link below provides smoke detector information and education material pertaining to smoke detectors.  Courtesy of the U.S. Fire Administration.

 If there is a fire in your home, you could have less than 2 minutes to get out safely once the smoke alarm sounds.

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