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     Saratoga County's fire radio identifier structure.

                      Alpha  Identifier

C = CAR (Fire Chief's / Coordinator Staff)

E = Engine

EL = Engine Ladder

ER = Engine Rescue

F = Forestry Unit (Brush Truck)

FP = Fire-Police portable

HM = HazMat Unit

L = Ladder Truck

M = Miscellaneous Vehicle

MED = Medical Response Vehicle

MR = Marine Vessel

P = Portable Radio Unit

R = Rescue Truck

SO = Safety Officer portable unit

T = Truck / Tower

U = Utility Vehicle

                                  Numeric Identifier

First two numeric digits identify the agency to which the fire unit is assigned to.  The third numeric digit is randomly assigned to the vehicle.

Example:   ETA-47-3

"ETA" identifies the apparatus as an Engine Tanker

"47" identifies the apparatus as Providence Fire Department.

"3" is the next truck identifier available.

Example:  HM-55-4

"HM" identifies the unit as HazMat Unit

"55" identifies the apparatus as Saratoga Springs City Fire

"4" is the next truck identifier available.

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