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Prior to September 11, 2001, Saratoga County Sheriff James Bowen acquired a used mini bus to be used as a Mobile Communications Unit.  Over time the demand in radio communication changes after 2001 led to a federal grant for a new mobile communications vehicle.  Since the receipt of the MCC, the vehicle has gone through various changes and improvements to better serve at an incident.

The MCC is equipped with three radio work stations, all of which have the capability of monitoring and transmitting on the current 800Mhz system, VHF frequencies, Low Band and UHF 400 Mhz.

The MCC can communicate on the Warren & Washington County frequencies, NYS Forest Ranger / Encon radio system, as well other entities deemed necessary.

Any time the MCC is requested, personnel are called in, then deployed to the incident.  This vehicle responds non-emergency and arrival time will vary depending on the location of the incident.  The MCC is staffed by three Communications Officers, one of which is a supervisor.

Requests for the MCC to a scene can be made via radio or by telephone.

The MCC has been known to respond to prolonged searches of missing persons / hunters, major fires and Law Enforcement related incidents.

The MCC also can be found at major community events such as the annual Clifton Park Fourth of July celebration and the annual Hadley celebration.

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