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ALBANY, NY (WRGB) Governor Cuomo has signed into law, allowing emergency and first responders to rescue animals in distress inside of unattended vehicles.  The laws takes effect immediately.

50 Year Members

Did you know that if you have a member that is being recognized for his/her years of service - and has reached the FIFTY year point, you may request a certificate of recognition for 50 years service from FASNY.   Here is how you do it;


Please forward information to Harrison Breuer at, fax or mail it to Harrison Breuer at our address

FASNY, 107 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12210.

50 Year Certificate Request


All requests must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to the presentation.

Today’s Date:________________   Requester’s Information:  (Name /Address / City/State/Zip)

Fire Company Phone #

Recipient’s Information:  (Name / Address /City/State/Zip)   

Fire Company Year of Service Presentation Date/Time Location

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Legislative Conference

*** Safety Alert ***

The Office of Fire Prevention and Control’s Investigation Branch recently investigated a fire that originated within the cargo area of a law enforcement vehicle. The investigation concluded that road flares, stored within that area, were ignited the result of inadvertent contact between the striker (red phosphorous) and ignition button of separate flares. Those flares had been stored within an installed tray.

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