County Fire Investigators & Associate Members

CAR 9-1      Gary O'Connor - Deputy Coordinator / Sr. Investigator                       

CAR 9-2      Phil Brousseau - Sr. Investigator                                                                     

CAR 9-3      John Cooper, Jr - Sr. Investigator                                                                 

CAR 9-4      Bill Crawford - Sr. Investigator                                                                  

CAR 9-5      Les Bonesteel - Sr. Investigator                                                                

CAR 9-6      Jerry Stephen - Sr. Investigator                                                                 

CAR 9-7      Andy Casucci - Sr. Investigator

CAR 9-8      John Whipple Jr - Sr. Investigator                                                       

CAR 9-9      Tim Brown  - Sr. Investigator                                                                   

CAR 9-0      Bryan Chouinard - Sr. Investigator                                                          


4111           Inv. G. Maxfield

4114           Inv. J. O'Connor

CAR 9-1-0  Bill Losert - Sr. Investigator

CAR 9-2-0 Leanne Martin - Sr. Investigator

CAR 9-3-0  Bran Wright - Investigator

CAR 9-3-9  Stephanie Bydiark - Investigator

CAR 9-4-0  

CAR 9-5-0  Don Ranck - Investigator

CAR 9-6-0 Justin Burwell - Investigator

CAR 9-7-0 Chris Doherty - Investigator

The members of the cause and origin team are a collective group of firefighters that have completed extensive hours of classroom training and hands on training to determine the cause of a fire.  Under state law, it is the responsibility of the Fire Chief to determine the cause of a fire, therefore, many utilize the members selected by the County of Emergency Services to investigate fires and file the report with New York State Office of Fire Prevention.

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