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Pursuant to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 375-41(4)volunteer firefighters are permitted to display a blue emergency warning light on their vehicle.  This however must be at the approval of the Department Chief.

A Blue light is a courtesy light.  What does this mean ?  It means that a volunteer firefighter answering an emergency call, may activate his/her blue light while responding to the firehouse or to the scene.  The blue light while activated is asking the motoring community to yield and allow safe passage for the firefighter to pass. 

Firefighters responding with blue lights must obey all traffic laws.

In 2017, Gov. Andrew Coumo signed legislation to law requiring all motorists to move over to blue lights on the scene of an emergency. 

To better explain this, when you are approaching an emergency scene, a firemen who has his/her blue lights activated while parked on the roadside, you are required to move over safely.  If you can not, you are required to reduce your speed and pass safely.

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