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New York State Forest Rangers

The State Forest Rangers became a state entity in 1885, known then as Fire Wardens.  In 1911, the title was changed to Forest Rangers.  Forest Rangers are a part of the New York State Environmental Conservation Department.

NYS Forest Rangers, once accepted for the job, receive 26 weeks of Police related basic training.  NYS Forest Rangers are certified NYS Police Officers and have police powers across New York State.  Primarily, Forest Rangers are involved in enforcement issues related to the environment and land owned by the State.  Other duties involve search & rescue:  missing persons, lost hunters and hikers, assisting with rescue efforts of downed aircrafts, drowning victims, etc.

Forest Rangers manage fire suppression of wild lands and educate in the prevention of wild fires.

Below are two State Forest Rangers with a search party group.

Rangers assigned to Saratoga County are;

Capt. Jamie Laqczko  - 8N59

Lt. Ganswindt               - 8N56

Ranger Evan Nahor    - 8N564

Ranger Joe Hess         - 8N565

DEC Dispatch is located in Raybrook, County of Essex:  Dispatch contact number is 518-897-1300

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