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Ed Tremblay is the Fire Coordinator for Saratoga County, New York.  Ed was appointed in February 1995, replacing Byron "Barney" Baker.

Ed is a past Chief with the West Crescent Fire Department, currently holds the position of Safety Officer.

Ed is also the President of the New York State Fire Coordinator's Association.

What is a Fire Coordinator ?

A County Fire Coordinator is the person appointed by a county pursuant to Section 225-a of the New York State County Law. 

The Fire Coordinator, in a respective county, administrates the mutual aid plan, manages the state outreach fire training program pursuant to subdivision 6 of section 156 of the Executive Law and performs other duties according to local county policy.

In most New York counties, the County Fire Coordinator acts as a Regional Fire Administrator under the State Fire Administrator in times of the Statewide Fire Mobilization Plan.  County Fire Coordinators also provide assistance to the Fire Chief or other incident commander at scenes of emergencies in which mutual aid from other fire departments are requested.

The Fire Coordinator may serve in the incident command system as a Liaison Officer, or may provide resources requested by the incident commander and perform other duties as required by local policy and operational mutual aid guidelines.

The Fire Coordinator can be reached at

[518] 884-4702.  Office of Emergency Services number is [518] 885-2232.  The Office fax number is [518] 884-4707.

You may e-mail Ed at

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